Pattern Imprinted Concrete Products

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Supplies

We carry a large stock of Pattern Imprinted Concrete materials, see our Price List for a detailed list of available products ranging from basic printing essentials such as colouring agents, sealers, and supplementary products to better provide you with a quality installation and service, to Mat hire, tool purchase and specialist colouring additives.

We believe that the money spent on QUALITY products at the outset can in turn provide the installer with the following benefits:

  • Higher quality workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction and belief that “corners aren’t being cut”
  • Branded and British Standard accredited materials
  • A better cost effective installation paying more initially saves more long term
  • Reassurance of quality materials and Technical Support
  • Using “preventative” products for higher standards.


We stock wall gel, a cheap and simple solution for walls and other surfaces that require protecting against the harsh colour agents, simply apply by brush prior to laying of concrete and upon return to clean the gel simply jets off surfaces having provided a great barrier, and customers see that you respect their homes!!

Release agent wash, an economically and proven solution to greatly assist with the breakdown of release agent, which in turn if not removed correctly WILL cause PLUCKING, and in turn a lot of headaches and earache, so do the job correctly in the first place avoid unnecessary remedial's!!

Zylene thinners, when sealing drives with the intention of doing it once don’t spoil the effect of the sealant by mixing with a cheap solvent which will in turn reduce the quality of the sealant, use a zylene based thinners which although it’s a little more expense initially, the quality of the product realises it will go further and allow your sealant to be maximised providing a better finish and a better look for your showpiece.

Block Paving Supplies

We stock and can supply a range of Block Paving products to include the PICS SEAL an alternative to other more expensive block paving sealants. Pics seal is a low solid sealer allow a more breathable surface and a less “plastic” looking glaze.

Gloria sprayer units are an alternative to the more common brush application. Spraying a sealant can successfully prove the theory of two applications being better than one, by using the fine misting effect creating by the pressure sprayer a thin layer can be applied twice rather than one thick layer. We also have access to other Pics Uk Ltd products and marketing materials.

Resin Bond - Natural Stone Overlay System

In an attempt to research new technologies on offer, Driveway Supplies have recently expanded its portfolio to the Pics Bond Natural Stone overlay system.

Designed as an enhancement to existing driveways, or more commonly a distinguished corporate solution, this system combines a natural stone aggregate with a flexible binder to create a surface dressing suitable for driveways, paths, roads, car parks, ramps and commercial projects.  One of the many benefits of this product other than the cost effiencey, is the design flexibility, making it capable of spelling corporate initials, house numbers, company logos, and even messages…

Pics Bond Overlay
The beauty of natural stone has often been used to provide a remarkable effect in historic towns and gardens, where hard landscaping is an essential necessity.
Resin bond materials are our latest addition to our stock, we stock a range of tools and materials and have access to marketing materials and training to assist even the non experienced fitter with setting up, or to supply and service the more experienced ready accredited installer.

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